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A “sweet” topic: cake design and sugar art

Dreaming of a spectacular cake for an event is no longer a privilege for few lucky people.

Those Cake Design processes that are now displayed every day on TV programmes and were once a haute patisserie’s prerogative and therefore unknown to the general public, can be now within the reach of any bakery, thanks to their recent development.

As a matter of fact there is an increasing request of a proper vocational training in this sector: it’s a positive and ever-expanding trend, confirmed by world-wide trade fairs and exhibitions, which are giving more and more importance to these branches.

So pay attention! Being a “Desperate Housewife” keen on cookery and Real Time TV programmes is not enough to make a tasty and beautiful cake; it is more advisable to lean on somebody who has been studying for years to improve their arts and skills in this field, supplying professional qualification.

In particular, the latest trend about Cake Design aimes at growing new techniques of decoration, for instance through Sugar Art.

These two specialities matched together allow the creation of extraordinary cakes from an aesthetic point of view, but they also spread the arts of haute patisserie on a wide scale, making it more affordable than in the past.

Amongst all bakery decorating skills, Sugar Arts are definitely the most amazing, as sugar makes it possible to create peculiar transparencies, to reach impossibile balances with elements that appear like hanging in mid-air, to shape extremely realistic characters and subjects.

But the technique of artistic sugar needs patience, precision, passion, physical and psychological resistance: you need to be quick and accurate at the same time to form an impressive piece.

In fact, sugar can be worked in infinite different ways and skills: it may be baked, stretched, poured, blown, coated, printed…the only brake is fantasy!

So I’ll leave you dreaming with some stunning gourmand ideas for your future cakes!


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