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I don’t need a Wedding Planner, I can do everything by myself!



Indeed it is true! There are those couples organized to the point where they can organize their own marriage without help, despite being their first (and, I hope, their only) experience in the world of the wedding.
Besides, once the figure of the Wedding Planner did not even exist…!
So yes, YOU CAN DO! But at what price?
IF YOU DO NOT WORK or work from home sometimes, maybe you are a bride with enough free time to go around suppliers, shops and locations, ask for quotes, call, write emails. Maybe you also have the time to make with your own hands (TO SAVE) participations, favors, tableau and anything that your imagination and dexterity will allow you to create with the tools at your disposal.
Or, if you are a couple with an UNLIMITED BUDGET, you will not need anyone to help you avoid the “WAR OF PRICES IN WEDDING” and you will not be interested in discounts, negotiations or controlling any expenses related to marriage and your maximum budget.
If, finally, you are a couple, sociable and full of CAPTIVATED AND AVAILABLE FRIENDS who offer their help in the organization of the wedding (photographer friend, brother driver, cousin hairdresser …), better for you! But beware of the QUALITY / PRICE REPORT! When an outside professional follows that service for you, the job would be perfect (albeit more expensive) but, then if you were not fully satisfied, you could always retaliate on your rights … but if he were your friend / relative ( maybe not a professional) and make some mistakes or do something you don’t like, could you get mad at him without ruining friendships or starting family wars?
However, it would be a great pity, if after all this effort, after an organization of months and after blank nights and after exhausting negotiations with the suppliers, you arrived at the wedding day so much STRESSED that you could not even enjoy your best day or not being able to spend the right time with your friends and relatives because you are too busy checking that everything is ok …
So, if you fall into one of these cases, you are officially a FANTASTIC BRIDE but, after this brief examination of conscience, you also consider that a professional in the sector could accompany you in this BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE AS MUCH AS COMMITMENT!

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