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Party favors for every event

Who says that party favors are only meant for wedding? A party favor can be any kind of gadget or gift which is given to one’s guests as a souvenir or to thank them for taking part in an event. And that’s where you can indulge your fantasy. Why should you limit it to the small organza bags of sugared almonds? Nowadays wedding itself can provide many new solutions. Just to make some examples, we can suggest jars or bowls of typical local products (marmelades, jams, pickled fruit, miniature bottles of wine, spirit or dressing, cuts of cured meat, typical local desserts…) or sweets and pralines personalized with the colours of the party, colourful confections of tea, infusions or spices or also the fair-trade party favors. Bomboniere matrimoni Then if you adopt the idea of the gadget/gift for whatever event you’d like to organize, these items can take diverse shapes and types, according to the theme of your event. You’ll be surprised by miniatures of objects like thesis books or graduate hats, little ghosts or skeleton hands for a scary Halloween party, balloons and mini-cakes for colourful Birthday parties, bags of fruit for a Spring party, exact reproductions of vintage objects, scale models of cars and motorbikes for theme parties, a pair of pink baby shoes or coloured dummies for a Baptism, or even bonsai of aromatic and garden plants, which your guests will keep and raise. Each item will always be combined with sweet or salty tidbits: in fact anyone knows that food is always the most appreciated present.

Bomboniere Anyway the trick is only one! We don’t ever want our guests to give up tasting the delicacies they’re given in order to preserve their souvenir of the occasion, so let’s not forget to add to every party favor something that your friends can really hold , after enjoying its sweet contents.

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