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Your event in Mantova

Cradle of the Renaissance, UNESCO heritage, the birthplace of Gonzaga’s Family (lords, patrons and horsemen), Virgilio (poet and writer), Tazio Nuvolari (pilot) and works of countless artists.

Mantova offers to those want to organize their own wedding or event here, many artistic, environmental, architectural and cultural ideas.

• The environment. The city of the three lakes, surrounded by nature; its views, the gardens (Piazza Virgiliana, Bosco Virgiliana, …) and the reserves (Bosco Fontana, Parco del Mincio, Parco delle Bertone, …) can fall in love any visitor.


• The villas and palaces. The story leading up to the present day indelible marks of artistic life: the palaces (Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Te, the Castle of San Giorgio, …), the villas, the theaters (Bibienas, Social, Sabbioneta, …), the courts and the great frescoed rooms.


• The churches. The little, intimate and familiar country church, the great cathedral or the characteristic and special places of worship… everything here is spectacular and suggestive.


• The gastronomy. This is the land of the great flavors: among many others, you have to taste the Mantuan salami with polenta and gras pistà, pumpkin ravioli, risotto alla pilota, sorbir d’agnoli, stew polenta, pike in sauce and other lake fishes, the sbrisolona cake, the ring of Gonzaga, the Helvetia cake, the pappa of Mantua, the bignolata cake, the millefoglie cake, the Lambrusco (red wine of Mantua) and the white wine of the moraine hills.


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