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Wedding gowns fashion in 2015

What can we expect from the catwalks and in the windows of the major atelier, this year?
What will be the fashion for wedding dresses of 2015?
Let’s take a look at the trends set in 2015.
The shoulders will definitely be the “Must” of this year.
Straps, sleeves and boat necklines will be used in preference to sleeveless dresses that have characterized the last years.
But the sleeves proposed this year, whether they are long or short, are tight fitting and elegant on the shoulders and the neckline of the bride.
But certainly the sleeveless dresses will always be a timeless in the collective imagination for their refinement and elegance.


So we will see an evolution of the classic strapless dress and the return of stiff corsets, with the chance to shape the forms and look your best, without falling into the vernacular.
The structure instead confirms the trends of the moment, proposing high waistlines and a style combined between the skirt and bustier. The skirts deflate and there will be soft dresses and air fabrics to look more slender.


Fast growing trends are the short dresses, which offer a saucy and informal choice, for brides simple and modern.
Do not be afraid to break the canons of decency and dress code imposed for a religious marriage in church.


And what about the materials? This is the year of revival, then the year of lace.
Whether as coverage of most classic fabrics, or as a finishing or as a veiling to cover the shoulders, arms and neckline, will serve to create a see-through effect and the gracefulness of a cloud.
Elaborate or simple, large or detailed design, the lace will always be able to donate to the dresses extreme elegance for classic brides, transparency and volume for modern brides or vintage and shabby style (if you use it in its shades of cream / ivory) for traditional and retro style married.


About colours instead there will be the death of all those colourful details (ribbons, flowers and decorations blue and red) that characterized the clothes last year.
Whoever would dare with a colourful dress, will have models solid pastel colours (light blue, pink, cream).
And, finally, the timeless brilliants. Don’t despair, dear lovers of diamonds, this year you’ll pleased, because the transparent gems, Swarovski and silver wires replace paillettes to give you a more rich, baroque and shining effect, for those who want to shine like a star.

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