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Wedding gowns fashion in 2016

Welcome to our usual appointment with the new trends of marriages in 2016.

The must of the new year will be the Simply-chic style, directed evolution of the minimal-chic style. This style in marriages will be a traditional and classic event, but also essential, simple, valuable and elegant.

Its most important features will be tradition, elegance and simplicity of the most classic white color. Will be granted only a few details in a single color or courtly themes, like poetry and romance. For example, some elegance and romance themes, can be the evening marriages at the sunset, diamonds and crystals or simple and classic colors such as silver or the black & white.


For the 2016’s brides, the clothes will represent a princely or diva style: bustier with sweetheart neckline and sleeveless tops, voluminous and bell-shaped skirts, more roundness and curves.


The clothes with a easier line, the classics slipped or siren style, will represent romance and elegance with sought embroidery on the bodices, elaborate hairstyles, long trains or long veils of crystal tulle embellished with fantasies Chantilly lace.

The barkings like Swarovski crystals, pearls or details floral fabric are always modern and will draw a princely style, able to make any bride like a modern Grace Kelly.


The materials seen on the catwalks ranging from the most classic (bright silks, satins and silk tulle) to the most sought after and valuable finishing with Mikado, double organza, piquet, crepe and macramè, and some innovative use of feathers, lace anglaise, leavers and rebrodè.

For the most modern brides, the proposal of the 2016 fashion is the “nude effect” or “tatoo effect“, with valuable lace on a base of tulle fabric, nude but opaque color used for bodices, shoulders, arms (on three quarters sleeves) and back: a stunning sensual effect, elegant and sophisticated but never rude. But you can see also short dresses richly elaborate, asymmetrical skirts that highlight even more the long trains, brave and strong colors such as the red fire, the delicate pink (powder, peach and pastel pink) and even purple or black.


Then, to complete the look of the perfect romantic bride can not miss, elaborate hairstyles and floral hair accessories, bucolic bouquets and colored belts.

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